Bathory International PLLC

Bathory International PLLC was founded in 2015, with the mission to fill gaps in care and services within the area-  specially targeting underserved populations such as the Transgender community, children and adults with complex neuro-psychological issues, and people suffering from the aftermath of complex or severe psychological trauma.


We are open from 8am to 8pm weekdays

9am to 2pm on Saturdays.

To arrange an appointment please call 1-908-444-1524 and leave a message.

Fees & Insurance

  Our fees are for a 50 minute session

Individual & Family Psychotherapy $200

Group Psychotherapy $90

Fees per hour:

Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing $200

Lectures & Presentations $500

Research & Consultations $150

Most insurance company’s mental health benefits are accepted and we continuous enroll with new providers. Not all providers are enrolled with every insure company, so your choice of provider may be influenced by your coverage. 

Due to the extreme prejudice and oppression of transgender people throughout North Carolina, the USA and the world.  We offer a sliding fee scale for transgender individuals who do not have health insurance coverage.  To qualify for this, you must provide evidence of your yearly income, and we retain the right to limit the number of clients eligible for this program.