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Not everyone needs the same thing. 


A comprehensive evaluation is a intense clinical hour of questioning in order to gain insight into what has happened and what is happening in your life.  It reviews many areas and allows for us to formulate a diagnosis.  For most people, this is the first service they receive because we cannot help you to explore your problems if we don't know what they are and where they have come from.  Insurance companies mandate that we determine a diagnosis for continued services.

We do not perform court ordered evaluations for custody, substance abuse, or sexual offenses.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a means of discovering issues that people have or are experiencing through a variety of tests.  Some tests are paper and pencil questionnaires, while other require the examiner to administer a task or question in a certain order.  Psychological testing helps to finalize diagnoses, and to understand what kinds of issues or challenges you are facing.  These are particularly useful in helping people who are seeking Gender Confirmation Services (hormones and/or surgeries) because they quicken the process for informed consent.

Neuropsychological Testing is a process of testing to determine where there are cognitive deficits (specific functions and individual cannot do because of a brain injury, disease, or dysfunction.  These tests pinpoint areas that are nor functioning properly and allow the clinician to then help you in learning ways to compensate for these problems.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a set time, usually weekly, for you to meet with your therapist.  During this time you are encouraged to talk about any issues or things that are bothering or concern you.  It is a time where you can reflect on your interactions with others from the week, as well as think out and practice what you may wish to say to others.  

For individuals who have experienced severe psychological trauma, there are specific types of therapy that can help them to gain control over unwanted memories and flashbacks. 

For people with neurocognitive issues that effect their behavior there are both talking and task related therapies that can help them to overcome their challenges. 

For many people who are questioning their gender identity , individual psychotherapy allows you to explore who you are and who you wish to be.  It provides you a space and time to discuss your feelings, learn detailed information about changes you may wish to make, and provides you with a support through your journey.

Group Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy is a specialized modality of treatment that allows you the privilege of receiving feedback from multiple people in one setting.  Group therapy can be offered by itself or as an adjunct therapy to individual treatment.  The therapist facilitates intense and in-depth discussions about issues members of the group bring in, either verbally or nonverbally. 

Group Psychotherapy is not meant to function as a Support Group.  A Support Group is a gathering of peers who help one another with advice and information, but does not offer therapeutic insight into problems and behaviors. A support group should never be confrontive to a member but support them in their journey.  

Play Therapy & Art

Play Therapy and Art Therapy may seem like it is all fun, but it is hard work.  For children who are not old enough to work through their problems with words, play therapy allows them a way of showing the therapist what the issues are by what they choice to do and how they interact with toys.  Play is an expression of the unconscious, in other words, it is a way we show what is going on inside our minds without words.  Play therapy requires the therapist to first enter the child's word of how they relate and use the toys, and then to interpret (or decipher the symbols) from their play into  verbal descriptions of their internal conflicts. 

Art Therapy is a means of tapping the unconscious of children and adults to express their inner conflicts.  It requires the clinician to interpret the symbolic meanings of their work and for the individual to then be able to express or address these issues either verbally, in play or in additional art work.  It is not for the lighthearted, as this is a very intense form of therapy.

Consulting & Presentations

Sometimes it helps to get an outside view of what is going on in a work setting, consulting allows for a highly trained individual to come and review systems and operations in order to help you reorganize for better productivity, quality and satisfaction.  Dr Bathory has specialized training in consulting and has assisted small businesses to nations in reorganizing services.

We provide a variety of presentations on areas we are engaged  in clinical practice and in our research.  This is essential to help others to learn how to address issues within specialized population and how to best meet their needs.

Evaluations for Hormone Replacement Therapy & Gender Affirming Surgery

 We follow the WPATH Standards of Care criteria in all evaluations for HRT or surgery.  This means we need to establish that you can give an informed consent and that you understand the risks and benefits of the medical intervention. In order to do so, we need to establish that you have the cognitive ability to make a decision, that you are not suffering from a organic brain trauma, physical or mental illness that could influence your ability to make a decision and that you are aware of what the procedure can and cannot do, what type of risks and benefits their may be to your health, and what may be required for your recovery from the procedure. 

For Hormone Replacement Therapy:  In a single session you will need to review your pertinent history related to your gender dsyphoria, school, employment, medical and psychiatric history, with our staff and review information about the benefits and risk involved with HRT as part of the informed consent process required by WPATHYou will choose a medical provider to whom you wish the summary of the session sent to and your signed HRT informed consent paper and will be then write up and send this information to the provider. The session fee is $100 and the write up and letter sent to the prescriber will be a $25 fee.  No letters will be released if fees are not paid in full. Inquiries for additional reports to be sent to another medical provider will require payment of an additional $25 fee. 

For Surgery: Transitional surgeries require 1 or 2 separate evaluations to be performed prior to a consult with a surgeon.  Although WPATH only requires 1 evaluation for non-genital procedures, many insurance companies may require a second evaluation in order to approve insurance coverage for the surgery. When only one evaluation is completed it will require you to attend a single session, similar to the HRT process, and the fees will be the same as for HRT, $125 for the evaluation and write up and release directly to the surgeon.  No letters will be released if fees are not paid in full. Inquiries for additional reports to be sent to another medical provider will require payment of an additional $25 fee.

When two evaluations are required, we provide, in addition to the process for one evaluation, a  2 hour psychological testing session to assess your ability to understand the procedure, its risks and benefits as well as your recovery plan. In the final session we review our findings with you and either make a referral for treatment directly to the doctor, or we will make every effort to assist you in finding what you need in order to obtain your goal.    The fee for these two evaluations is $400 plus $125 fee for both write ups and reports sent directly to the surgeon (who then files them with your insurance company for approval).  No letters will be released if fees are not paid in full. Inquiries for additional reports to be sent to another medical provider will require payment of an additional $25 fee. 

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